About Me



I grew up in the beautiful state of Arkansas and obtained a B.A. in Mathematics from Ouachita Baptist University in 2010.  I became interested in mathematical biology my last semester of college while studying models of population dynamics in an ODE class.  Thanks, logistic growth equation!  I then moved to Seattle, where I obtained an MSc in Applied Math in 2012 from UW.  A desire to gain more specialty in ecology and to deepen my connection to UW’s biology community led me to enter QERM in Autumn 2012.  I am now a PhD Candidate and expect to defend my dissertation Summer 2016.  My committee presently includes Mark Kot, Lauren Buckley, Sandor Toth, Jim Anderson, and Art Chaovalitwongse.

As fun as theorem-proving, code-debugging, and data-sifting all day long is, I also love spending time with my two-year old daughter, Rhona, and my Bichon frise, Elphie.  I’m an avid classical music listener from IMG_1138Handel to Debussy, and I play piano and pipe organ.  Racquetball and indoor climbing are my kinesthetic misadventures of choice.  I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of soaking up all of the Northwest’s little treasures, from the odd performers at Pike Place Market, to the elusive clear view of Mt. Rainier over Drumheller Fountain, to Cinebarre’s to-die-for fried pickles on half-priced Tuesdays.





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