Teaching Experience

I have had the pleasure of serving as a teaching assistant or primary instructor for a number of courses at UW.  These include

MATH 124 (Calculus and Analytical Geometry I)—Autumn 2010 (w/Daniel Pollack)

MATH 124—Winter 2011 (w/Ioana Dumitriu)

MATH 111 (Business Algebra and Applications)—Autumn 2011 (w/Matthew Conroy)

MATH 111—Winter 2012 (w/Alexandra Nichifor)

AMATH 352 (Applied Linear Algebra and Numerical Analysis)—Spring 2012 (w/Ulrich Hetmaniuk)

QSCI 291 (Analysis for Biologists I)—Autumn 2013 (w/Jay Johnson)

QSCI 291 (Analysis for Biologists I)—Winter 2014 (w/ Sandor Toth)

QSCI 291 (Analysis for Biologists I)–Summer 2015 (main instructor)

In addition, I have tutored in the UW Math Study Center.  Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about the above courses or their corresponding instructors.

Teaching Philosophy

I am very passionate about teaching and helping people with math.  Much of my teaching philosophy arises from three observations.

(1) Math is a very colorful lens through which to view the world around us.  So learning it should arise from curiosity about what patterns underlie whatever the student is interested in, not from a necessity to learn techniques and apply them cookie-cutter-style.  I think teachers can and should inspire that curiosity.

(2) Learning math is not unlike learning a language.  Practice is essential, starting with very small steps is preferable to taking on large problems all at once, conversation and communication are just as important as recitation, and meaning is just as important as mechanics.

(3) The root of educate, educere, means to lead onward or outward.  For me, the root’s meaning inspires the idea that learning is a journey for both the teacher and the student, and it arises when the teacher wants to help the students explore the world rather than confine them to a stationary routine.


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